Why Voila Afrique Catering Company?

The African Continent is often portrayed as dark and underdeveloped. This ignores the resourcefulness of Africa and its peoples, as well as the history of colonization, exploitation, and slavery. This ultimately placed each African country at a disadvantage on the world stage by the time modernity and industrialization were taking seed in many other parts of the world. African businesses located across the world, including Africa, are however changing the narrative.

Voila Afrique Catering Company is an African-owned small business and was founded on a vision to shift boundaries in African cuisine. “Voilà Afrique” means “Here is Africa” in French. By this, we affirm the brightness and resourcefulness of the continent. Most of the cuisine we serve is colorful and historically rooted in West and East Africa. Jollof rice is gaining international prominence as are Njera and Ugali. Although Ghana and Nigeria often joke about their friendly turf war over whose Jollof is the best, it is generally agreed that this delicious dish originates from Senegal.

We also celebrate our compatriots in the Americas and Caribbean, with whom we share similar cuisine. Africans identify with popular Caribbean dishes such as Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, and Plantain.

Our menu brings a blend of home-cooked food to your doorsteps. You can still have Egusi, Pounded Yam, Fufu, Beef Suya, and Goat Meat Soup right here in New York. We also recognize the changing times and have made room for vegans, organic, and halal consumers.

We are trying to keep above water following the challenges brought about by the COVID crisis. We will do our level best to serve you better each day.

We also stand in solidarity with other black-owned businesses.

Thank you,
The Voilà Afrique Team.

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