• Rice and mixed dish with meat and vegetables
  • Large dish with meat, pasta and corn
  • Jollof Rice

About us

Voila Afrique is a Pan-African establishment, founded on a vision of shifting boundaries in African cuisine. "Voila Afrique” means "here is Africa" in French. By this, we affirm the resourcefulness of the continent through its colorful and sometimes untapped spices, roots, tubers, and grains.

Established on the cusp of the COVID Pandemic in 2020, Voila Afrique’s first location was Manhattan. We are currently relocated at the Giant Farmers Market of Hackensack New Jersey, from where we immerse our cooking in the endless flow of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Our new business model offers a combination of customized meal kits, take-outs, deliveries, and catering. You can order on our website or through Ubereats Grubhub, Sharebite, or Doordash

We are also sensitive and responsive to your vegan, vegetarian, keto, low carb, halal, and glutton free needs. Just let us know.