• Rice and mixed dish with meat and vegetables
  • Large dish with meat, pasta and corn
  • Jollof Rice

About us

Voilà Afrique is an African-owned small business founded on a vision of shifting boundaries in African cuisine. "Voilà Afrique" means "here is Africa" in French. By this, we affirm the brightness and resourcefulness of the continent through the colorful cuisine.

Your palate and pocket mean a lot to us.

Walk into Voilà Afrique and feel totally at home with affordable, tasty, homemade street food. You will be welcomed to a warm and aromatic atmosphere of sights and smells of authentic food from different parts of Africa. According to the Eater, Voila Afrique is making a special mark in the world of Manhattan cuisine.

You can pre-order on this website, by calling/texting 917 327 3510 or emailing voilaafrique@yahoo.com. Voilà Afrique is partnering with Relay to deliver food to customers within a specific mile radius. Click on the “Order” tab to check whether your location qualifies for delivery. You can also order through

Chownow, Sharebite, Deliver Zero, Grubhub, Ubereats or Doordash.

Each day, Voila Afrique offers partnership opportunities with customers who have a following of 1,000 or more on Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter. The offer comes with a free African meal of the person’s choice. We invite you to be one of our lucky customers and feature us on your social media.

Do you have a preference for Organic, Vegan and Halal? Voilà Afrique is the place for you.

Come, See, and Eat.